Puppy Plans

Marcum Road Animal Hospital is pleased to offer Puppy plans for your furry new family members. These plans provide the convenience of monthly payments and coverage of your pet’s routine healthcare needs during the year.

All surgery at Marcum Road Animal Hospital is performed to the highest standards of safety and sterile surgical technique. Your pet will be monitored under anesthesia and post-operatively by skilled and experienced technical assistants under the supervision of the veterinarian. Anesthesia is by surgical respirator and a monitoring report will be provided to you post-operatively. Pain medication is used continuously during surgery and dispensed post-operatively.

The Puppy Plan Includes:

  • Exam
  • Fecal exam for parasites
  • Deworming
  • All core vaccines
  • Nail trims
  • Recheck exams for any problem up to six months of age
  • Spay or neuter
  • Microchip and registration
  • One month of combination flea/heartworm medication!

Typically the puppy plan starts at 6-8 weeks of age:

  • 8 weeks: exam, nail trim, fecal exam, deworming, first DHPP and Bordetella vaccinations, first dose heartworm/flea protection.
  • 11 weeks: nail trim, deworming, second DHLPP vaccination, dispense next dose heartworm/flea protection
  • 14 weeks: nail trim, deworming, DHLPP and Rabies vaccination, dispense next dose heartworm/flea protection
  • 17 weeks: nail trim, deworming, last Parvovirus booster, dispense next dose heartworm/flea protection, schedule spay or neuter and microchip
  • 20 weeks: spay or neuter, place microchip, dispense remainder of heartworm/flea protection.

Optional Services (Not included):

  • Deworming for tapeworms or coccidia
  • Neuter in male with retained testicals (not in scrotum)
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