“Dr. Gedeon has been literally a lifesaver for three of my dogs and one cat. She is the best at diagnosing and treating all types of animals. I’ve been trusting her with my pets for at about 20 years now.”
-Kim T., Facebook

“Doc and her staff are the most helpful people around. Anytime I’ve had a question or concern they are always there to help. The dedication is unbelievable. I’ve driven by on my way to work at 4 am, and there she is, her car in the yard, all the lights on in the building, and she’s in there caring for someones pet. It’s a good thing to know you can count on her.”
-Bobby F., Google

“My loving baby no longer has pain in her hips nor knees. Thanks to [the doctor] and Stem cell Therapy Cold Laser Therapy She’s very knowledgeable kind and caring with small animals all the way to horse’s. If you want the best in Polk County go see her and her team. Unless she is out of the office or tied up in sugury, she will take emergencies. My baby had stopped breathing she took us right in and stabilized her. My baby has lived 15 wonderful happy years thanks to her. She all so helped my 22 year cat and my 18 year old cat. My current cat will be 16 in April a pound baby that should not have lived past 12 years but with great care from her vet she’s still here. For your pets sake have them cared for by Marcum Road Animal Hospital. You both will be happy you did.”
-Cheryl W., Facebook

“I have been going to Dr. Gedeon for 30 years now, ever since she opened her door. I would not take my furry family members anywhere else. She is down to earth, kind, and compassionate. She is always up to date on the latest technologies and equipment. Her staff go above and beyond in giving premier customer service.”
-Renee RG., Google

“I’ve been going to Dr Gedeon for over 20 years. She has taken care of all of my pets. She’s the best there is in Lakeland. She knows her stuff…. I have and will continue to recommend her to anyone looking for a great Vet..”
-Lisa F., Google

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“Dr. Gedeon always saved our toy poodle from her pancreatitis attacks and researches all the possible cures. Our doggie has been without a fever now for 5 months and the doctor found her thyroid low so she is checking on that now and with meds our dog is feeling better and she is 10 yrs 5 mo. old.”
-Kay O., Facebook

“Have been with this clinic over 20 years (That alone should say something), starting with a sick cockatoo, that I had taken originally to 2 other local vet’s, to learn that their advertised “birds” was no more than wing/nail trims!

I don’t recall not ever being able to have a pet (Mainly cats) seen, even the day I call (Better service than any PCP!). I realize emergencies and surgeries are going to take precedence, I know the local animal emergency clinic is available otherwise.

Experienced, and open to non-traditional practises (Acupuncture, herbs, stem cell), that are showing possibilities. Dr. Gedeon went out of her way to help a friend’s horse that had tongue cancer!!!!!

I also appreciate that she doesn’t talk down to her staff, as I’ve experienced at another local vet. clinic. The vet. techs and office staff are professional and wonderful as well!”
-Denise C., Google

“If you are looking for the best veterinary in Polk County you found her at Marcum Road Animal Hospital . One of my cats livid to be 22 years other cat 18 years current cat will be 16 in April. She has helped this year with my cat that was in a lot of pain with stem cell she has improved in her joints hips knees. She’s more active in the last few months and pain level under control. My cat had a lot of trouble breathing when she was 6 months doctor took us right in and stabllized her . She is now living to be 16. As long as she is in Dr. Gedeon is not in sugury or out of the office she will take Emergecy cases immediately. My lab would run past the check in to see her in the exam room he loved he so much. She is knowledgeable kind, gentle, and caring towards all animals from small to horses. Give her a call if you love your animals as I do. I have been with Dr Gedeon for well over 38 years know her since 1980 and at this location since they opened over 20 years ago. Do your self and your animal a favor treat them to the best veterinary make an appointment you will be glad you did. Mrs Whitt”
-Cheryl W., Google

“I took my male sugar glider here today to get him neutered. The service was great and he seems to be doing very well. I recommend this place for sugar glider owners! Thank you for taking such good care of my Coconut! ?”
-Eden F., Facebook

“They took care of my baby and I was pleased with their service. Great office staff and Doc was very caring toward my Cinnamon.”
-Charles M., Google

“Absolutely the beat vet in town… she not only treats my dachshund but my bearded dragons… I have seen sugar squirrels.. hamsters and other assorted critters in her office… love love love my vet”
-Susie P., Google