Pet Dentistry

Dentistry Prevents Pain and Prolongs Life!

We perform all our dental care using the latest protocols and recommendations which include patient monitoring, intubation, full mouth radiographs, IV fluids pre and during anesthesia, local nerve blocks as well as injectable drugs for pain control and patient warming while anesthetized. We have an excellent safety record and have performed dentistry on patients as old as 20 years of age.

A dog anesthetized while getting radiographs done

An anesthetized patient on warmed IV fluids given by fluid pump, vital signs monitor seen in the background, radiographs being performed to assess tooth roots.

Our dental workstation that provides a high speed and low speed drill as well as cleaning and polishing functions.

An x-ray of a tooth that shows a sever abscess

This tooth appears normal with only a small pocket in the gum before x-ray. Radiographs show a severe abscess of the tooth root with destruction of the jawbone from infection; without x-ray guidance it would be easy to break the jaw when extracting this tooth.

This tooth is not yet loose but there is severe bone loss and an abscess forming around the roots.

This canine (fang) tooth looks fairly normal with only dental tartar and some gum recession but x-ray shows an abscess around the root. This tooth will be loose and painful.

Cleaning alone is not enough

Dr. Gedeon has taken advanced training in dental techniques to be able to diagnose dental disease and perform extractions safely and completely. She utilizes digital dental x-rays, a high speed drill workstation and advanced pain management techniques to safely care for your pet’s dental needs.

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